The Wizard Burgmund

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The Story:

You are a crewmate on a galleon that had set sail on a voyage for exotic dyes. However, after severe weather your ship was ripped in half!

You awake to find yourself washed up on a beach in a strange land with nobody else in sight...


  • Play time should take 45 mins or there abouts
  • Can be played with 1-2 players
  • Can be played on peaceful but it was designed for easy and up (as there are monster spawners in places)


  • No destroying of blocks - clay, wood/wood planks and dirt are the exceptions.
  • No building bridges with dirt or any other blocks - the areas and puzzles are designed so you don't need to do that.


  • Items in chests (except dirt and paper) are required for you to win the game. All items in chests are useful!
  • Your first order of crafting is to create a diamond pickaxe! A DIAMOND PICKAXE! The caps are for emphasis!
  • A clay block often holds a secret or hidden pathway - be on the lookout!
  • Common sense: If its night and you have to journey somewhere, have a snooze!
  • In this game portals have a "sweet spot". This spot isn't covered by a torch! Look for it!
  • When closing an inter-dimensional portal it may be a good idea to take a few steps back just incase 'something' happens!
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